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Lead Management

Lead Management

Constant, clear and organized communication is the key ingredient to turning a lead into a client. In today’s competitive mortgage world, you need to stay ahead of the competition. Beat the rush to leads using lead management tools. MarksmanLMP’s Lead Management tools include resources like customizable email campaigns and lead redistribution tools to ensure each and every lead is being worked. Getting to the lead first with relevant information is essential to cultivating and capturing a lead. Put MarksmanLMP’s Lead Management solution to work for you.

Key Lead Management Features

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  • Distribute leads to loan officers based on loan criteria, time of day, branch, lead source and more
  • Utilize custom statuses and workflow tools to direct loan officers’ sales cycle View and capture ‘unworked’ leads through Marksman’s Bulletin Board
  • Automatically reassign leads that have been neglected to new loan officers
  • Schedule task reminders to help keep on top of every lead in your pipeline

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